In January 2020, the closing of the “Scoring for the Future” project took place in Cologne (Germany) with the celebration of a conference to disseminate the results among potential users of some of the products developed, such as the “Scoring for the Future” Manual. The event was attended by around one hundred monitors and trainers from different countries, such as Spain, the United Kingdom and, of course, Germany, the host country.

Throughout the day, workshops were held on the implementation of football-based activities for employability. We also presented the manual that we have developed over the last two years by the different participating entities. The audience of the event has shown great interest in incorporating our methodology to their social programs and we can confirm that both the project and its closing day have been a resounding success. Our congratulations to the organizers of the event, led by streetfootballworld and the European Commission for their support in this program. And of course, to those present at the event, for making this day held in Cologne a highlight of the “Scoring for the Future” project.