In your company, club or sports center, you can organize a sports meeting of a solidarity nature. Through a registration fee or any form of donation you deem appropriate, contribute to the advancement of Red Deporte programs.

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If you are part of a popular race, as a runner or organizer, you can request a solidarity registration, with each runner contributing a symbolic fee. The ‘solidarity bib’ represents an advance in the content and quality of a sporting event, and also a step forward in Red Deporte’s programs.

You can carry out a solidarity challenge as a group, family or individually. The variety is almost infinite: from a march, race, meeting, and of course, not limited to the sporting field. Find a goal or achievement that motivates you; and a charitable cause that motivates you and drives you to achieve it. Whoever starts has achieved a lot. Cheer up!

You can include in the wedding list, birthday gift, or whatever event you deem appropriate, making a donation to a charitable entity. At Red Deporte we will also love to contribute our grain of sand to those who commit to this cause

It is important to spread the work of Red Deporte among as many people as possible. Your sports club can have our brand or logo on its equipment. If you are interested you can download the necessary material.

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You can include a banner or information about our organization on your website, electronic newsletter or social network, linked to If you are a media outlet, you can include an advertisement or article about Red Deporte in your media.

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Particulares - Quienes pueden colaborar - Red Deporte


Collaborate with Red Deporte by becoming a member or making a donation in favor of our organization.

Clubes y Gimnasios - Quienes pueden colaborar - Red Deporte


If you are part of a club, team or sports project, you can collaborate with Red Deporte and strengthen the objectives of our organization.

Empresas, Fundaciones y Centros Educativos - Quienes pueden colaborar - Red Deporte


Those companies that wish to collaborate with Red Deporte can do so in very different ways:

  • Making your company a partner of Red Deporte with a periodic contribution.
  • Probono: providing a professional service. Some examples are communication, broadcasting, legal or consulting services.
  • Counting on Red Deporte for a company event. We can carry out activities and games to develop teamwork, all in a fun and relaxed environment.
  • Contribution in kind: donating goods and equipment useful to our organization and the programs we carry out.
  • Companies that collaborate with Fundación Red Deporte y Cooperación will be able to benefit from the maximum tax benefits.
Empresas, Fundaciones y Centros Educativos - Quienes pueden colaborar - Red Deporte


Educational centers can collaborate with Red Deporte, hosting a solidarity activity. Some examples are championships, races, or recreational-educational events that include a solidarity component in favor of a Red Deporte project.

For our part, we will be happy to help the success of the event, coming to explain our work or providing a gift that stimulates and is a reward for participation.



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