Integrating refugee populations through soccer

What is the Integrating refugees through soccer project?

Mundo en Movimiento is a program aimed at facilitating social integration between people seeking asylum in Spain and the local population. With this objective, we generate an environment of trust at an individual and group level; using soccer as a connecting element.

The framework of coexistence takes place mainly on the field of play. The training sessions serve as a meeting platform between the asylum-seeking population and the local population (mainly coaches of local teams). In the short term, this generates greater confidence and well-being among the participants, while in the long term it improves integration and autonomy in the host society.

In addition to sports activities, workshops are held to provide support, skills development and training to improve the integration and employability of the participating population. The impact is evaluated throughout the entire process, with respect to issues such as integration or employability.

The positive effects, at the individual level, are reflected in aspects such as more constant participation, greater biopsychosocial well-being, better sleep conciliation or more active participation in training sessions.

In terms of group trust, there is greater communication and exchange among participants. In terms of social trust, better relationships among all participating groups and minorities, greater confidence in the search for employment, increased links with the local population, or moving freely and confidently around the city where they live.

To date, Mundo en Movimiento has been carried out in Madrid and Valencia. In addition to numerous trainings, meetings have been organized between refugee teams from Mislata and Vallecas. The first was in Albacete and the second in Madrid, the latter sponsored by the Minister of Migration, Rafael Escrivá, and Vicente del Bosque.

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