Red Deporte program “Youth Empowerment through Football” exploits the potential of this sport to increase the ability to obtain a lasting employment, by vulnerable youth. The program is carried out in collaboration with training entities, such as La Rueca, located in the Villaverde district, which trains boys and girls in areas such as catering, logistics, commercial services or various services.

Our program implements sessions whose purpose is to develop the interpersonal skills of groups with very diverse sociocultural backgrounds. Football is the sport most followed by youth; able to create an optimal context to work on the development of social skills that allow to function successfully in society, interact efficiently, live independently and ultimately find and keep a job. The project focuses on prevention against risk factors, such as alcohol or drugs. Actions implemented mainly in Madrid region.

The current job market is awakening a world of opportunities and challenges. The worker has to be someone with a lot of learning capacity and adaptation to the changes that have already come, partly thanks to technology. Non-cognitive interpersonal skills or soft skills are fundamental tools for life and work, decisive in the training of people who want to progress professionally. Not paying attention to it is a serious mistake because they are transcendental competences for its development.

More than 70% of a person’s success at work depends on interpersonal skills, and only the rest does so on hard skills (data from the OECD study). For this reason, from Red Deporte we support the training of these young people, complementing the technical knowledge of the courses received, with the workshops and dynamics that allow them to grow as people, all this, developing in a football environment.