At the end of 2019, no one could foresee that an epidemic that attacked a town in China could lead to a global pandemic; whose infectious agent also has a very high capacity and rapid transmission properties. 

The most effective recipe is to stay at home and follow basic hygiene and prevention guidelines, such as washing hands and face, and reducing social contact to a minimum. In the countries where we mainly work, Spain, Cameroon and Zambia, the COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc. Spain leads the figures worldwide on mortality and contagion. Cameroon is among the three most affected countries in Africa. Zambia is at a medium-low level of prevalence. But these last two countries are ultimately exposed to much higher risks than Spain, due to the weakness of their National Health System and the lack of infrastructure at all levels. 

In this case, Red Deporte works at three levels: developing materials that reduce the negative impact on mental health, derived from long periods of home confinement. An activity guide to take advantage of your time at home and make this tough ordeal more bearable. At a second level, there is the development of educational dynamics and materials, which through sport raise awareness among the local population (especially in Africa) about COVID-19 prevention, through adapted games and sports. Thirdly, we are developing the creation of a sports center in Zambia, through which to centralize health programs in Africa; and among these, the fight against COVID-19. 

In this center we hope to multiply the participation of volunteers and collaborators in our community health programs, which, for years, have addressed issues directly linked to COVID-19, such as handwashing and basic health and hygiene. We encourage all the youngest people to continue teaching us the magnificent lesson of resilience, adaptation and maturity to face this pandemic, which we will only overcome with a global society that is aware and united in defeating it.