Quality Labelling Sport 4 Good

On June 6 and 7, I had the opportunity to represent Fundación Red Deporte y Cooperación in Rome, Italy. This two-day work trip focused on strategizing for the project Quality Labelling Sport 4 Good and its newly established website across our partner countries, including Germany, North Macedonia, Italy, Spain, and Kosovo.

Intensive Strategizing Sessions

The time in Rome involved back-to-back sessions, where we brainstormed and planned how to market our upcoming RISE website. Each partner country brought unique perspectives, helping us develop a comprehensive strategy to reachand support sport organizations focused on social impact. Our goal is to amplify our message and ensure the new  website touches as many lives in the Sport 4 Good world as possible through social media and community engagement.


Team Building

This trip was also an invaluable opportunity for team building. Working closely in such an intensive environment fostered collaboration. We concluded our productive days by attending the European Championships of Athletics in Rome, a thrilling experience showcasing athletic excellence.


Looking Ahead

I return from this trip energized and excited about the future. The strategies we developed and the strengthened partnerships set a solid foundation for impactful work ahead.


Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for your continued support!