Progress on construction of sports center in Zambia

Red Deporte wants to turn the City of Hope into a benchmark for sport for development in Africa. To this end, we have begun to build a Sports-Educational Center on the outskirts of Lusaka, which will host more than 3,000 young people every week, turning what used to be a garbage dump into a social and educational space.

The first construction phase has cleared and leveled the surface of the future sports center. It will have a children’s play area, an outdoor gymnasium (made from recycled material), an 11-a-side soccer field (also used as two 7-a-side soccer fields), two basketball courts, a volleyball court, a side stand, basic changing rooms and a training room. Once the rainy season is over in Zambia, we will tackle the final stretch for its completion.

In this way, we will be able to increase our impact in Zambia in terms of health, education, employability and empowerment of young women through sports. Detailed project information can be found at