Next steps of Easybasket in Europe

We have completed the first stage of dissemination and now we have to get all partners to work in the development of two beautiful components of this program. On the one hand, the preparation of an explanatory manual of the methodology and that contains numerous practical exercises of Easybasket. This material will arrive online to many European sports and educational entities. The objective is to popularize this modality in all corners of Europe.

In addition, all the partners will develop an online training platform on the Easybasket methodology, aimed at monitors, educators, and ultimately all those who think that sport is more than winning a game or developing sports excellence on the pitch. Easybasket is based on the concept of “Sport for All” and what we try to empower in this program is that above all the sport must be worth to have fun, make friends and train as people. Easybasket is undoubtedly an ally of this way of understanding sport.

Both components will close a two-year itinerary, which will undoubtedly make basketball an even better sport.