It is started the “Deja tu Huella” campaign

A unique project to build a Sports Center in Africa. During this year, 2020, Red Deporte y Cooperación celebrates 20 years. We want to honor this achievement in the best possible way, trying to multiply the wonderful effects that the sport is having on the children of Lusaka.

The “Deja tu Huella” campaign aims to obtain funds for the construction of a Sports Center in Zambia, a Sports Center specifically designed for the children and teenagers of Zambia, which can also be the point of reference for all the projects of Red Deporte.

Because of this purpose, it is directed to all Spanish sports clubs, sports associations and schools that knew the tremendous value of sport that is able to develop the human being itself.

Red Deporte y Cooperación began to work 20 years ago in Zambia with the integration and the promotion of vulnerable girls and young people, using sport as a tool for social development. Red Deporte did some relevant actions such as the construction of basic sports facilities, the coaching of monitors and trainers, the organization of championships and leagues, and the training for kids with a specific focus on human development.

Red Deporte has regularly worked in Zambia with different levels of intensity throughout its history. The construction and the development of the Educational Sports Center in Zambia is the key project that will create a milestone in all the advances of Red Deporte throughout the last years. This center will be our stable base and will allow us to promote our work in Zambia and expand our programs to other areas of Africa and Latin America, with different programs and partners with whom we have been working for years.

The Red Deporte Sports Center will be located in Zambia, approximately one and a half hectares, in City of Hope, Lusaka. The construction project of the center is divided between a multi-sports area, a management area, a healthcare area and training spaces.

Any type of help is more than appreciated. We hope that the sports sector in Spain feels the importance of moving the best values of it to Zambia and helps us in the coming months to make it happen.