Empowering Athletes: Presenting Red Deporte’s AdventurAction Project

Red Deporte is proud to announce the launch of AdventurAction, an innovative project aimed at empowering former athletes and revolutionizing the adventure tourism sector. In collaboration with prestigious partners across Europe, AdventurAction seeks to create alternative career opportunities for professional athletes by qualifying them as adventure tour guides. This pioneering initiative not only addresses the challenges athletes face after retirement, but also promotes environmental awareness and social inclusion.

What is AdventurAction about?

AdventurAction is a dynamic 24-month project designed to create alternative career opportunities for professional athletes by qualifying them as adventure tour guides. We recognize the challenges athletes often face when attempting to enter the workforce after retirement. Through comprehensive training and activities, AdventurAction aims to improve the skills and knowledge of former athletes, enabling them to thrive in the adventure tourism sector. This initiative addresses the challenge of former athletes’ transition to the labor market. By providing relevant training and activities, the project seeks to improve the skills and knowledge of former athletes, who often face difficulties in finding employment after their retirement.

Former athletes often face challenges transitioning from their sports careers to other professions, which can lead to problems such as depression, identity crises, and unemployment. While programs such as the High Level Athlete Care Program (PROAD) in Spain offer some support, there is a clear need for adapted strategies to help athletes use their skills elsewhere. Adventure tourism, which includes activities such as hiking and outdoor sports, provides an opportunity for former athletes to take advantage of their fitness and transferable skills. However, there is a shortage of trained adventure tour guides and standardized regulations across Europe. AdventurAction addresses these gaps by offering comprehensive training programs and promoting adventure tourism as a viable career option for former athletes.

1. Skills development: Provide new educational opportunities and training programs tailored to the adventure tourism sector, allowing former athletes to acquire relevant skills and qualifications.
2. Career transition support: Support the integration of former athletes into the adventure tourism sector through guidance, training and job opportunities.
3. Environmental awareness: Promote environmental awareness and sustainability within the adventure tourism sector.
4. Standardization of regulations: Address the lack of standardized regulations and training pathways for adventure tour guides in European countries.
5. Data collection and analysis: Collect comprehensive data on unemployed former athletes and adventure tourism guides to inform policy formulation and program development at European level.


Results – Products:

Short term effects:

  • Increased awareness among current and former athletes about alternative career paths.
  • Acquisition of skills necessary to operate in the adventure tourism sector.
  • Initial contact between the project beneficiaries and the affected territories.

Medium-term effects:

  • Employment of current and former athletes as adventure tour guides.
  • Consolidation of practical skills to guide adventure tourists.
  • Greater awareness of the territories where guides operate.

Long-term effects:

  • Trained beneficiaries working as adventure tour guides.
  • Expansion of training opportunities in the adventure tourism sector.
  • Increase in tourism in the territories affected by the project due to the presence of adventure tour guides and their offers.


Why is AdventurAction important?

Former athletes bring a wealth of fitness and transferable skills, but navigating the transition from sporting careers to other professions can be daunting. This project not only addresses this challenge, but also promotes environmental awareness and social inclusion. By offering adventure tourism training, with a focus on hiking guide certification, AdventurAction opens doors to exciting career paths while advocating for sustainable resource use and accessibility for all.

Join us on this incredible journey!
We invite you to follow our progress with AdventurAction. Together, we can empower former athletes, promote sustainable tourism and have a positive impact on communities across Europe.

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