Club Red Deporte started its activities in October 2023 in Barrio del Pilar. In this space we offer sports activities for the little ones of the house and we transversalize with a space of school support, in addition to the realization of English classes with native teachers. Finally, the activities are completed with workshops and events that we carry out from the organization.

Red Deporte stands out as an organization whose mission is to create sports spaces to promote education, health and integration. For this reason we proposed the construction of this space for the girls and boys of Barrio del Pilar. This Club gives children the opportunity to practice sports on a weekly basis, creating and promoting a healthy habit; and helping them in their studies to improve their school performance.

In the sports activities we offer the possibility of playing basketball and/or soccer, as well as group activities to create a favorable climate of group cohesion and provide a healthy leisure alternative. During the school reinforcement we are fortunate to have a space where we can support the children with their homework, the subjects they are behind in and prepare for exams. In addition, there will also be English classes with native teachers who will help the children to improve and perfect their knowledge of the language.

During this year, we also plan to plan educational excursions on weekends that will allow children to develop their interests and generate social awareness of the issues involved in the activities. Occasionally, we will hold educational workshops (nutrition, healthy habits…). In addition to sporting events (gymkhanas, games or tournaments…) and parties at our headquarters (Halloween, Christmas…).